Letter of Interest

Description of Letter of Interest

If you want to apply for a job, a letter of interest is a very good idea. It has to be added to your CV, and it is very important because the employer will decide if he gives you a chance or not.

Example of Letter of Interest – sample

Letter of Interest

How to write? – Advice and Tips

We will explain you how to write it, keep on reading!

1. First of all, put your personal information and any way of contact. It is important to use your full name (do not use your nickname). You have to add your location, zip code, and phone number. You also have to include the date.

2. Choose a formal salutation.”Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Ms.” will be correct. You can also add the degree of who you are writing for (if you know it.)

3. Do a little introduction, explaining the purpose of the letter. In this part, you can be a little flatterer. Talk about the good reputation of the company, but do not exaggerate.

4. Show your skills, talk about your education and previous experience. Include all the information that you consider relevant.

5. Ask for an interview and show your gratitude. Repeat some way of contact if you consider it necessary.

6. Put your full name and sign under it.

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