Writing a Letter of Intent – Sample 2

Description of Letter of Intent

The letter of intent is commonly used in school applications, but it can also be used for personal and professional purposes.

Example of Letter of Intent – sample

Letter of Intent

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter is one of the most important pieces of any application process because it allows you (the applicant) to demonstrate your personality as well as your communication skills.

There are three steps you must do before you write the letter:

First you must read the instructions. All of the applications or other procedures that require a letter of intent will have specific instructions on how the letter must be written in terms of information that you must fill.

Second, you must determine the name and address of the person that receives the letter. This is an easy step, you may just do a quick phone call to the institution or the business that you want to write to and they will provide you with the information that you need, that is if you can’t find the information you need on their website or online.

Third step is to make notes. You need to write down what you will want to include in the letter of intent, important stuff like your personal information, your past accomplishments and achievements, etc. then write down what you plan to do with relevance with the school or business that you are applying to.

It’s not hard to write the letter of intent, just keep in mind that the better you get the message (clear and professional) it will have better chances of getting accepted.

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