Letter of Intent for a Job

Description of Letter of Intent for a Job

A letter of intent is a very important type of letter. It is required if you want to apply for a particular graduate school, but also in the job world: important positions in a big company require a letter of intent apart from your CV.

Example of Letter of Intent for a Job – sample

Letter of Intent for a Job

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The objective of the letter is to persuade the respective authorities, so use this opportunity to show all your community skills. This letter will be the first impression that they will obtain from you, so we will explain you how to write it correctly.

1. First of all, put the name and address of the receptor. Try to be as specific as you can. Include also your personal information: full name, address, ZIP code and location, for example.

2. It is very important to choose a correct salutation. This will help to give an excellent first impression. “Mr. / Mrs. /Ms.” will be right.

3. In the body of the letter, explain in detail all your previous experience, where did you study and if you have any reward. It is important to be polite and formal.

4. Finish the letter showing your gratitude and asking for an interview. Put your full name at the end of the letter and sign under it.

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