Letter of Guarantee

Description of Letter of Guarantee

A letter of guarantee is the type of letter you make when two parties agree some decision or activity and it is necessary to guarantee to the other person that you will comply with the specific obligation.

Example of Letter of Guarantee – sample

Letter of Guarantee

How to write? – Advice and Tips

If you want to learn how to write this type of letter, please read the following and easy instructions:

1. First of all, it is pretty important to specify the terms and conditions. Each party must know and accept them. You can use a letter of guarantee in an acceptance of employment or even in an agreement of installment payment.

2. Then, you need to include to whom the letter is write. One party makes the letter to the other party, so you need to put the name of the latter party, the name of the company if it is needed, his domicile and the date of the letter.

3. You can start the letter using “Mr. / Mrs.”, the name of the person and then, you put a comma in order to start writing in the following line.

4. In the introductory paragraph, you have to specify all the details and the reason why you are writing the letter. You can also explain your situation on it.

5. You can write another paragraph with some another details.

6. Finally, you close the letter putting “Sincerely” and your name.

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