Letter of Good Standing

Description of Letter of Good Standing

If you are looking for a new job and you still have a good relationship with your former boss, you can ask him or her to make you a favor and write a letter of good standing, that is to say a recommendation letter.

Example of Letter of Good Standing – sample

Letter of Good Standing

How to write? – Advice and Tips

These letters are very useful tools when it comes to getting a job in which there are many candidates, since many of them may have excellent resumes the best way to eliminate opponents is to hand in a good letter of good standing.
If you are about to ask your former boss a letter of good standing, here you will find some good advice as to do it well:

1. Request the letter in time because the directors of a company usually do not have much time available. It should be done several weeks in advance of your job interview.

2. Ask for a personalized letter with your full name on it, it should not be a standard letter.

3. It is always best to ask for the letter in person. If this is not possible, try to do it by phone or email, although this is less desirable.

4. Be sure to mention your good experience with the company and with your former boss.

5. Say goodbye cordially.

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