Letter of Good Conduct

Description of Letter of Good Conduct

In some jobs, such as working with children, you must ask at the police department in the area, for a certificate or letter of good conduct.

Example of Letter of Good Conduct – sample

Letter of Good Conduct

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter assures the recipient that you have not committed any crime or been into any trouble and that you have you behaved correctly as a good citizen.

Usually, if the letter contains references to some kind of trouble that occurred, the person loses chances of obtaining a job. If this happens, the person always has the possibility to attach a note explaining the reasons and circumstances of the incidents.
Here you will find some tips as how to ask for a letter of good conduct:

1. First of all, you should contact your local police department, either in person or by phone. You can also request the letter by writing.

2. Provide your personal details and request a letter of good conduct.

3. When you have the letter, keep a copy for yourself. Include the letter with your work experience.

4. If there was any mention of an inconvenience or a minor offense, add a note explaining how the situation was and why this does not affect your job performance. For example, if it has been many years ago and it no longer has influence on the present.

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