Writing a Letter of Excuse – Sample 2

Description of Letter of Excuse

The Letter of Excuse is normally used when you can’t attend to school or work because of health problems, legal problems, etc. Just any type of real problem that doesn’t let you attend ( you can’t use the excuse “stuck in traffic” because that is NOT a real excuse or problem that concerns them).

Example of Letter of Excuse – sample

Letter of Excuse

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

For example let’s suppose that you missed school for 2 days because you had a fever or cold and could not attend school, so your letter would be written like this:

    To whom it may concern:

    Please excuse (your name here) for being absent on (the dates here) I had a fever of (X number of degrees).

    Thank You for your understanding,
    (Your name and signature here)

And it’s done, this is a very simple letter of excuse but you get the idea on how it is written and depends on you how formal you want to write the letter, also if you have a doctor’s note you should include a copy of it in the letter of excuse so that the letter is backed up by what the doctors told you and prescribed you.

It adds credibility to your letter because anyone can write that they are sick but when you have a doctor’s note then they have no choice but to excuse you or at the very least take in consideration that you had health problems and could not assist those days that you were sick.

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