Letter of Direction

Description of Letter of Direction

A direction letter is a particular type of letter used to give instructions to a particular person or even a group of work.

Example of Letter of Direction – sample

Letter of Direction

How to write? – Advice and Tips

They are not very common today because this kind of actions are automated, but if the request is very specific, it is a good idea to write a direction letter.

We will explain you how to write it correctly, it is very easy but you have to pay attention to some simple items.

1. Put your full name, your position in the company and any way of contact. You can also include the logo of the company. It is important to add the date in the top of the letter.

2. Explain briefly the purpose of the letter. You can say some encouragements words, for example you can say why you choose them and stand out his virtues.

3. Give a detailed guide of what to do. Try to be as clear as you can, you can enumerate if you consider it necessary.

4. Emphasize the importance of following your instructions, and you can motivate them promising a reward if everything is do it correctly.

5. Show your gratitude, put your full name and sign bellow it. You can put the company’s logo again

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