Letter of Concern

Description of Letter of Concern

When there is somebody at work you do not like, you have had a problem with a coworker or you want to change something you do not like, whether your salary, working conditions or workplace, you will probably have to talk to your boss.

Example of Letter of Concern – sample

Letter of Concern

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Sometimes, this is complicated because he or she can be very busy or does not usually talk to their employees, which is why you can write a letter of concern. Expressing your concerns helps your boss know the situation and leave no room to doubts or misunderstandings.

Writing your worries on paper is the first step to find a solution.

In order to write a proper letter of concern you can follow the next steps we explain:

1. Start the letter explaining exactly why you’re sending this report to your boss. Inform him or her that you have concerns regarding your work.

2. Explain exactly what is it that bothers you and in what ways.

3. Once your concern was explained, try to give specific examples to describe the situation. Make sure your letter does not remain unnoticed.

4. Make sure your statements are based on facts and avoid emotional expressions.

5. Try to make your letter not just a complaint. End the letter with a suggestion to solve the conflict.

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