Letter of Character

Description of Letter of Character

Sending a letter of character reference means that you give a positive opinion about someone you know. Formal writing is the right type of writing for letters of reference. In many cases, these letters make workers or students selection much easier.

Example of Letter of Character – sample

Letter of Character

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Follow this simple guide if you want to know how to write a letter of character reference.

1. Put your address and the date in the upper left corner of the paper. Write about your friend’s qualities and skills.

2. The salutation must be short. The text should contain the title and the name of the receiver, the same information about you and the person you want to support. Then add some social skills at work that you think are the best about him or her.

3. Finish the text with a sentence saying what your friend wants to accomplish in the company or university. Give examples related to the virtues you talked about. Write your name and signature.

Remember to read the letter several times to look for any mistake. It’s important to include the information you think is necessary. Be brief; don’t try to impress the receiver. If you never wrote this kind of letter before it’s acceptable to practice.

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