Letter of Administration

Description of Letter of Administration

Before a person dies, he or she can make a letter of administration to a person so that he or she can manage the diseased person’s estate on his or her behalf.

Example of Letter of Administration – sample

Letter of Administration

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The person receiving this letter has full control over the assets and debts of the deceased. It is also possible that the letter is written by any responsible person or lawyer who knows about the decision of the deceased person.

In order to write a letter of administration you can follow some advice as explained below:

1. In a letter of administration it is necessary to emphasize the points the person in question must consider, his or her responsibilities, duties and powers. That is why the person should be able to perform this task and full aware of what he or she is up to.

2. Furthermore, it should be mentioned why the person has been elected as responsible of the deceased person’s estate. Either because it is a direct relative, friend or trusted person. Sometimes no one is directly elected by the deceased person, that is why it is necessary to clarify that the recipient of the letter has been selected for this or that reason.

3. Needless to say, the person agrees to comply with these responsibilities because otherwise there may be legal problems.

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