Layoff Letter

Description of Layoff Letter

Sometimes, for economic or budget reasons, a company is needs to reduce staff. In these cases, the company must notify the employees that unfortunately must dismiss, in advance, according to the law that protects employees in each location.

Example of Layoff Letter – sample

Layoff Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

When a layoff occurs it is necessary to be done in writing and notify the employee, who may request that a union member is present. The employee must sign the letter. Refusing to do so is useless because the company will cease the contract anyway.

In order to write a layoff letter it is necessary to follow some steps, as explained below:

1. At the beginning of the letter, state the place and date.

2. The first paragraph should state the reason for the dismissal, in this case for example, due to the company’s economical issues, or other causes.

3. Say that, unfortunately, the employee’s job is affected by this situation and that the decision was his or her dismissal.

4. Indicate the last business day of the employee, from which he or she will not be able to return to work.

5. Say that you are sorry about this decision and that you can discuss it in person.

6. Indicate the conditions of the dismissal, wage payment issues, insurance, etcetera.

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