Justification Letter

Description of Justification Letter

Many times we may need to justify any fault that we have committed, an absence in a workshop, a task not completed in time, a call not made, etcetera. But also, usually within a company or institution for example, you should send a letter of justification in case of a future absence.

Example of Justification Letter – sample

Justification Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Especially if it favors the company, the person can get some benefit by writing the letter. With a justification letter the person notifies his or her employer, teacher, etcetera, that he or she is about to do something unusual, either miss an important class, work, or other things.

If you want to write a justification letter you can follow the guidelines explained below:

1. First, you must write the letter to the person responsible for making the decision to accept or reject your proposal. Write ‘Dear’ and the name of your boss, for example.

2. The first paragraph should begin by explaining the reason for your justification.

3. If the letter is about being absent from a job, you should mention why and what you will do at that time of absence. If it has to do with your profession, mention it because it is beneficial for both you and the company.

4. It is important that you send the letter in time.

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