Job Recommendation Letter

Description of Job Recommendation Letter

A recommendation is a very important type of letter in the modern world of work. If you want to apply for a particular job, it is very important to have one of these letters because it will show the skills, capacities and the academic and job training.

Example of Job Recommendation Letter – sample

Job Recommendation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

It is usually asked to a boss or even a professor.

If you have to write this letter, just follow these simple items:

1. In the top of the letter, put your personal information. It is important to include your full name (not nickname), your address and zip code. You can also add your phone number or e-mail.

2. In the introduction, explain briefly who you are. Talk about your profession and reputation. A recommendation letter is more valued if the one who write it is a successful professional.

3. Explain why you recommend him or her. Talk about your experience with the person, and stand out his virtues. Be clear and brief, but try to be as persuasive as you can.

4. In the final paragraph, you can do a little resume about the skills of the person that you are recommending and why they should give him/her and opportunity.

5. Finish the letter putting your full name and sign under it.

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