Hardship Letter

Description of Hardship Letter

You write a hardship letter when you are going through a hard financial situation and you need to pay your mortgage but don’t have the money right now and it is necessary for the mortgage company to know this situation in order to help you.

Example of Hardship Letter – sample

Hardship Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

It is easy to write it. Let’s see how to write a hardship letter.

First of all, you have to think wich problems, situations or issues you would like to talk with that company. Explain your financial situation, its complications and try to be possitive in regard to the future.

It is important for the company to contact you, so do not forget to include your name, today’s date, your adress, telephone number and other contact details and your loan account number.

It is important to be honest in the fundament of this letter. Talk about the facts, those wich are a trap for you, no more no less. Moneylenders understand when you have no money because you are going throug a divorce or because you have so many bills to pay, if it is your case tell them about it.

End the letter being possitive and telling them you will pass it and finally accomplish with the debt.

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