Guardianship Letter

Description of Guardianship Letter

When the parents of a child are faced with the need to travel or be absent for a period of time, or are not able to take care for their children, they can write a letter of guardianship.

Example of Guardianship Letter – sample

Guardianship Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter allows another person to look after the child, make important decisions without consulting his or her parents or deciding on medical issues, among other things. This document gives that person a temporary legal custody and it is not necessary to involve a lawyer.

In order to write a guardianship letter follow the next steps:

1. First, make sure the person you give the guardianship is qualified and available. Look for a responsible person that you know will be able to face possible difficult situations.

2. Title the document as ‘Official declaration of Guardianship’ or sort of.

3. Write formally. Begin by saying: ‘I / We (full name or names of one or both parents) hereby grant temporary custody of (full legal name of the child) to (full name of the person who will be awarding custody)’.

4. Include all the things that person can do and cannot do. Specify start and end dates of the guardianship.

5. Write your full name at the bottom, sign the letter and write the date. Include a section below to be signed by a clerk.

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