Friendship Letter

Description of Friendship Letter

All people need friends to share important moments, talk or even to ask them for help in bad times. Occasionally, a friend may be far away, or in a difficult situation, or perhaps something important has happened, and it is a nice gesture to remind him or her about our love through a letter.

Example of Friendship Letter – sample

Friendship Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

A letter of friendship is a way to come closer to our friends and remind them how much we appreciate them. A letter of friendship is a way to keep contacts and strengthen a friendship with someone.

To write a friendship letter you do not need to follow a model as you are going to write it with your heart, but some things may help you write it:

1. Be genuine when you write the letter, sincere and honest. Never write a letter to someone who will not appreciate it. Sometimes people are not comfortable receiving a letter.

2. The letter should not be formal, but rather colloquial.

3. If you are writing the letter to offer someone your friendship, make sure the other person is interested and be careful how you ask for it.

4. A letter is warmer than an email; make sure the recipient’s postal address is correct when you send the letter.

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