Forgiveness Letter

Description of Forgiveness Letter

When we have had a fight with someone or other person has made a mistake, it is often very difficult to forgive.

Example of Forgiveness Letter – sample

Forgiveness Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

If you do not dare to speak to the person you want to forgive, either because you are ashamed or because you are away, you can choose to write a letter of forgiveness. People usually choose to write a letter of forgiveness to let go and go on with their lives.

The clue to write a forgiveness letter is to write with your heart. But, here you may find some interesting advice to follow:

1. Make sure you know all the things the other person has done to you and you want to forgive. The mere fact of writing them down will make you feel better.

2. Also write the good things the other person has. If you want to recover the relationship with him or her, you need to know why.

3. Try to start the letter with something positive, but always with a formal but familiar style at the same time.

4. Then, tell the recipient what you have forgiven and how you feel about it. Try not to be carried away by anger or sadness, since you have decided to forgive.

5. If you want to recover the relationship, ask him or her in the letter.

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