Financial Support Letter

Description of Financial Support Letter

Example of Financial support letters are very useful. For example, if you are trying to raise funds for a charitable foundation, you should write a financial support letter.

Example of Financial Support Letter – sample

Financial Support Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

You have to be as clear as you can about the purpose of the letter, try to convince them that your cause is a good cause. We will explain you how to write a financial support letter, just keep on reading!

1. First of all, put all your personal information and the information about the company/foundation: address, full name, ID number, location and ways of contact such as phone number or fax.

2. Choose a correct salutation. Usually, this type of letter is a formal one, so it is good idea to start it with “Mr.”, “Ms.” Or “Mss.”

3. Do a little introduction explaining the purpose of the letter. Be polite. You can also give details about what will you do with the money and when they will see the results.

4. Finish the letter showing your gratitude and explaining how they pay the money in a bank account. Give details about the account number, when they can do it, and more.

5. Put your full name at the end of the letter, the logo and full name of the company/foundation and sign under it.

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