Dispute Letter

Description of Dispute Letter

When a person receives a credit report that is not the right one, he or she has the right to dispute to the respective credit agency.

Example of Dispute Letter – sample

Dispute Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Some of these companies have electronic forms on their websites but it is always better to write a dispute letter and sent it by postal service. If you want to learn in few steps how to write it, please read the following items:

1. First of all, you have to attach a copy of the documents which prove that you are right.

2. In the letter, you must include your personal information such as your full name and your domicile.

3. Then, you need to specify the points on your credit report that are wrong and explain why you are disputing the information.

4. It is important to ask for a correction of the information that is wrong, you can also ask for an elimination of it.

5. In addition, you can include in your letter a copy of the report and mark the information that is wrong.

6. And of course, you need to send this dispute letter by a certified mail. It is a good option to ask for the receipt of delivery in order to know that the agency received the letter.

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