Dismissal Letter

Description of Dismissal Letter

A dismissal letter it is one in wich the company explain the reasons to order off an employee.

Example of Dismissal Letter – sample

Dismissal Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

It is difficult and easy at the same time to write it, because a person it’s next to lose his or her job and not only this, maybe it will exist some problems with the law because of that.

Sometimes the dismissal have been previously announced, in this case the letter it is only a reminder and a formal way to do it.

How to write a dismissal letter? First, you have to start the letter with the employeer’s name, a little greetings and then you will start with the explanation and as a employeer you have to say why are you firing an employee. If exists an internal rule that will support what are you saying, put it too.

Finally, if it’s posible add the enterprise’s contact details for the employee to contact you. Maybe the worker deserve a compensation, in the possitive case clear it with all the details.

It will be good to add some acknowledgements, showing the company thankful for the time that the employee works for the firm, it doesn’t matter how much time did he or she work there.

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