Demotion Letter

Description of Demotion Letter

Taking the decision to demote an employee is not an easy or pleasant task. Companies want their employees to work under good conditions and never get to that instance.

Example of Demotion Letter – sample

Demotion Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

But it is true that some employees often do not behave properly, do not fulfill the assigned tasks, are absent from their jobs or have committed a serious lack of misbehavior. These situations may lead to the decision to demote an employee from his or her job position. An employer must notify the employee in advance by a letter of demotion. This letter is a document that leaves for granted the decision and notifies the employee of his or her demotion.

A demotion letter is a formal letter that should follow some aspects:

1. A demotion letter must contain some important information. First you must include the day of the demotion, from which the employee must start his or her new job.

2. It should also be mentioned the reason or reasons for the demotion.

3. As the employee is being forced to downgrade within the company, it should be mentioned what kind of work he or she is supposed to do and his or er new salary.

4. A copy should be kept in the employee’s file.

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