Demand Letter

Description of Demand Letter

When writing a demand letter what we do is to request a refund of a debt.

Example of Demand Letter – sample

Demand Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This can happen when we ask for a deposit refund or loan repayment. These letters are usually the first step to a civil process. They are formal letters, so you need to follow certain steps and watch out for the protocol.

In order to write a demand letter you must take into account the following aspects:

1. First you must include in your letter all the important information about the debtor and the debt. It is important you have supporting documentation.

2. The full name of the debtor must be written in the declaration, also the amount of money owed and the date of the debt. An example of this declaration is: ‘This letter is about the (write the amount of money) that (say the name of the debtor) owes to me, (write your name).’

3. Then, explain why you are owed money. For example, if you have done some work and have not received the payment.

4. Express a deadline for debt repayment or redemption.

5. Also, include what legal action will be taken if not meet the deadline.

6. Sign the letter including your name and contact details.

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