Decline Letter

Description of Decline Letter

When we want tell someone that a proposal or idea has been rejected, or when within a company a candidate for a job is not admitted, among other things, we may write a decline letter.

Example of Decline Letter – sample

Decline Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter is a formal document that works as a report of a refusal to the person concerned. It is also called a ‘negative letter’ because it serves to inform someone about a decision we have made to reject a situation.

Here you can find some advice as to how to write a decline letter:

1. The decline letters are generally directed to a particular person. That is why you should start the letter with ‘dear’ and the name of the person.

2. In the first paragraph of the letter include the reasons for de declination. Do not apologize for this, only explain the situation. You can write that you regret having had to decline the offer, for example.

3. Include all the necessary information related to the proposal or the job interview, both place and date.

4. Wish good luck to the person and thank him or her time for making the offer or for having taken part in the job interview.

5. Say goodbye formally and sign the letter.

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