Writing a Consignment Letter – Sample 2

Description of Consignment Letter

The consignment letter is a document that is normally written to justify the transport of any kind of merchandise.

Example of Consignment Letter – sample

Consignment Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

A lot of companies that dedicate to the transport sector use this type of letter to let the receiving party know the contents of the shipment or cargo in case of loss or robbery, this enables them to assess the damage caused by loss or robbery.

As always it’s important to specify the information needed in great details such as personal information as well as the tax information of the company or from the ones that are doing the delivery, also never forget to write down the information of the receiver of the package, shipment or cargo.

You need to specify the address where the package is being delivered and also write the information of the vehicle that is transporting the package, this is done to ensure that if some packages are lost or not delivered you know where to search.

When managing a lot of packages and heavy stuff you may want to specify the names of the items , the quantity of the items and most importantly the weight of the packages just as an extra measure of security in case something goes missing you know what type of package is the one missing and from what area.

The letter of consignment is to be addressed with great detail to avoid any conflicts in the future and if there are any, they could be solved easily because of the amount of detail the letter contains about each package.

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