Consent Letter

Description of Consent Letter

A letter of consent serves to authorize another person to do something that, without that letter, cannot be done legally.

Example of Consent Letter – sample

Consent Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

For example, when we authorize a child to travel abroad alone or with a divorced parent, when a babysitter is authorized to decide about the medical care of a child, when a company is allowed to use a trademark, or when we authorize an underage person to get marry.

These letters are formal documents, so in order to write a consent letter you must follow some important steps:

1. If you know the recipient’s name, write it down, otherwise, write ‘To whom it may concern’.

2. Write the necessary information about the activity that is going to be carried out. If it is a trip, indicate the specific dates and locations.

3. Include the names of those involved and your own. Add all the information that you consider important about the parties or institutions.

4. Write the consent statement with details. For example: “I, (your full name), give my consent to (full name of the other person) to (action, activity, etcetera)”.

5. Sign the letter in front of a witness and write the correct date. The witness must also sign the letter. Sometimes the letter should be legalized by a notary.

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