Writing a Commitment Letter – Sample 2

Description of Commitment Letter

A commitment letter is an official agreement between two parties where one of the parties agrees to provide some sort of support to the other party. To get a better idea of how the letter of commitment is written please have a look at this example

Commitment Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

If it’s still a bit unclear, then a perfect example would be when you buy online for instance … eBay if you click on “buy it now” then you are in commitment to pay the seller or if you bid on something and you win the item then you have the commitment to pay for it.

So what this is, is basically an agreement between two people that involve the sufficient paperwork to make it official sort of like a contract that you must abide by the terms laid out by both agreeing parties.

So on with the fun part, the letter. To write the commitment letter you must follow these very simple instructions:

1. – Always review your information, because once the letter is written and signed by both parties you can’t change anything.
2. – State the basic terms of your agreement.
3. – Highlight your roles and responsibilities in your agreement so that the other party member can review it and take notice.
4. – Always keep your letter clear and as concise as possible to avoid any misinterpretations.
5. – Be respectful in any way.

Think of this letter a small binding contract between you and another person

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