Commendation Letter

Description of Commendation Letter

When a person is a candidate to get a job, sometimes it is not enough to have an excellent resume.

Example of Commendation Letter – sample

Commendation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

That is why these people add a letter of commendation to their resume. These letters are very important tool in the process of recruiting employees because they help select candidates faster.

In a letter of commendation the most important thing is not the content but who writes it. It should always be an authority, a manager of a company, a teacher, etcetera. It is assumed that a letter of recommendation provides positive information about the candidate, about his or her professional career but also in terms of personal information.

To write a commendation letter it is important to take into account some things:

1. First, make sure you know who will be responsible for choosing staff and write the letter to that person, writing his or her full name and position in the company.

2. Then, you should mention the context in which you have known the candidate. Make a reference about the place and date.

3. Mention the positive aspects of the person during his or her work with you.

4. Include positive aspects about his or her personal characteristics.

5. Include contact information for a possible phone conversation, for example.

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