Business Reference Letter

Description of Business Reference Letter

Example of Business reference letters are very important in the business’ world. This type of letter is used to recommend a service of a person or even a company. It is not difficult to write it, but you have to pay attention to some important items.

Example of Business Reference Letter – sample

Business Reference Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

We will explain you how to write correctly a business reference letter, keep on reading!

1. First of all, put all your personal information. Include your full name, ZIP code, address, and any way of contact (e-mail, phone number, fax.)

2. Because it is a formal letter, you should start it with a correct salutation. It is a good idea to use “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Mss.”

3. Introduce yourself. Explain who you are, talk about the reputation of your company and any reward achieved.

4. Be clear and honest. Talk about your previous experience with the company/person and why you recommend it. Explain the principal virtues, but do not exaggerate.

5. Do a little resume about the company/person recommend and show the gratitude at the end.

6. Finish the letter putting your full name and the logo of the company (if you are working in a company). Sign under it, and put a way of contact again if you consider it necessary.

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