Breaking Lease Letter

Description of Breaking Lease Letter

When we are not able to buy our own home, what we can do is rent an apartment or a small house. When you rent a property a contract is signed with all the rental conditions between the tenants and the landlord.

Example of Breaking Lease Letter – sample

Breaking Lease Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

In this contract the dates on which the tenant will remain in the property, insurance issues, rental costs, and so are fixed. When a person decides to leave a rented property early there will be a break of the lease. When a tenant thinks about breaking a contract he or she must notify the landlord so that he or she can get a new tenant. Usually, you should send a breaking lease letter one month in advance.

So, in order to write a breaking lease letter properly, you can follow some steps:

1. The most important thing of the letter is to tell the landlord the exact date you will leave the apartment or house. This is important because it leaves proof that you have advised him or her in advance as the contract requires.

2. Write the purpose of moving.

3. Indicate whether or not the contract is broken.

4. Include your future address.

5. Usually, a deposit for possible damage is done; ask for a refund if everything is in order.

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