Breach of Contract Letter

Description of Breach of Contract Letter

When a person is hired to do a job, this person must do it according to certain rules, responsibilities and tasks. That is usually stipulated in a contract where important information is written.

Example of Breach of Contract Letter – sample

Breach of Contract Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

For example the work conditions, the tasks to be performed, the time it takes to complete the work, the payment, among other things. These contracts are signed by the responsible person. When this person does not fulfill the contract, he or she may have a legal problem. If a person breaks a contract the person who hired him or her can write a letter of breach of contract.

If you are facing this kind of trouble and you need to write a breach of contract letter, here you will find some advice as to how to do it:

1. Write the recipient’s name and mailing address.

2. Begin the letter with ‘Dear’ and the name of the person who has broken the contract.

3. Mention in the first paragraph your concern about the situation; say that the work has not been completed successfully.

4. Mention how disappointed you are.

5. Include some options to do next. It can be either the person concludes his or her work, or that he or she does not receive the payment, or decide for a legal action.

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