Family Letter

Description of Family Letter

A family letter is a written that will be sending to one or more to you relatives, this letters are like any other friendly conversation.

Example of Family Letter

Family Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

A family letter is mostly write to congratulate, thank, share moments, school success, pass on information about reunion, describe what’s happening, annex pictures and tell stories, in fact are mostly just to inform the news of the family.

If you have relatives that are living or traveling far away it’s a good idea to write them a family letter to keep in contact, and if they don’t live so far is not a problem because a letter from a relative is always special and show your support and love.

The example above shows the structure of a family letter but because is not a formal letter the structure can be modified to add things.

In the Heading write your name and address and in the content you can write about special events like family birthdays, you can also wish someone happy birthday, shares news about the university or simply ask question about what’s happen in their lives.

Finally, If after signature you notice that you forget something you can write it in the postscript.

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