Excuse Letter

Description of Excuse Letter

So you are late to transport your kids to the school, maybe you need to travel with your kids to see the grandma or even worst your kid is sick and you need to take it to the hospital.

Example of Excuse Letter

Excuse Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Whatever your situation is urgent or ordinary, you need to write an excuse letter to the school, this to avoid any punishment or doubts about why your kid miss the school.

You can choose to write a letter and send it via email to the teacher or give the letter printed to your kid the next day to deliver it to the teacher, but first you need to write it and to do this you need politeness, information and credibility.

So you need the name of the school that is easy to remember, the full name of the teacher because is respectful and a good excuse wrote well. So if you already have this data you can begin to write, first a kindly greeting like “Dear Mr. Mastord Ticherinsky”; next in the content you can write something like “Please, kindly excuse my child…” and explain the situation; lastly sign with “Sincerely” and your name.

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