Employment Verification Letter

Description of Employment Verification Letter

An employment verification letter is an answer to a request from a credit agency, organization, company, etc. that is used as a guarantee that the employee is working in the company and is not giving false information.

Example of Employment Verification Letter

Employment Verification Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letters can also include the amount of the month payment but the agency or organization can’t request this private information so mostly the employee requests the document to the business. Following is an example of employment verification.

If you will write this kind of verification letter need to put the necessary information of the employee, basically you need the start date, position, date of promotion if the employee was promoted and the contact information, everything else is like others formal formats.
To explain better the parts of this document read the next definitions:

– Sender information: Full name, Position, organization and full address of the interested party.
– Recipient information: Full name, Position, organization and full address of the employment company
– Issue of the letter.
– Greetings.
– Content: Introduction and purposes.
– Employment History: This part need to be filled by the requested information, not more not less and if there is information that you can’t put, inform the causes like legal terms or conditions.
– Farewell and signature.

If you have this complete information then the letter will be success filled and send to the requester.

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