Consignment Letter

Description of Consignment Letter

A consignment letter is a contract written that explain the agreements and condition between to persons to sell one or more items. Almost all this contracts are consignments in sales of jewelry, personalized items, clothing and other variables.

Example of Consignment Letter

Consignment Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This document explains the characteristics of the item to state the properties of the item and also, the prize. In fact, the letter is a confirmation of a sell agreement of items. Before write the consignment letter the buy will be requested and then you write to the buyer the confirmation also can be a write of buy request, so depending the motive the letter change but not the main structure.

First you need to establish the name of the person that receives the letter or at least the company, also the address.

Second, the items you want to buy or sell and the price you want to pay or the prices of the product.

Third, the agreements of the contract, this part needs to be very specific to avoid polemic and misunderstandings.

Finally, you can sign the contract and don’t forget to add all the important information of contact to buy or sell the items, if the buyer or seller is interested, is requested to send a letter back or sign the assignment letter to accept the terms.

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