Complaint Letter

Description of Complaint Letter

The letter of complaint is a written with the objective of informs an organization about a bad treatment, fail or any other problem. The letter need to state in the content the background, the problem with cause and effect, solution, an optional warning and closing.

Example of Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

– First, If you are writing in the name of your company you can add the header of your company because this makes an official notice letter, but if is a personal letter you can put the address and contact information aligned to the right.

– Second, write the address of the recipient with full name of the employee you are contacting, position, name of the company and full address.

– Third, the greetings followed in a separate line by a reference of the order.

– Fourth, establish the motivation of your writing, in fact explain the background then explain the problems that you are suffering and the possible solutions.

– Fifth, the warning, you can put what you will do if they don’t fix the problem, like legal issues if is a recurrent problem or simply change of provider.

– Finally, the closure, write you will be in contact followed by the farewell and your signature.

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