Commercial Letter

Description of Commercial Letter

A commercial letter is a written with the objective of answer requests, send information of products or services business information or any other business issues. The next is a basic example of a commercial letter.

Example of Commercial Letter

Commercial Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

As you can see the tone is formal and the structure is standard.

So after begin the written you need to know the recipe, information, if it’s and answer or a request and the references.

– First, you need to put the address in the left in full format;

– Second, the date, always in the right with the international format: day, month and year;

– Third, the reference of the answer or request;

– Fourth, the greetings followed by the content with the proper information of the request and the answer;

– Fifth, the closure, in this part you can encourage the person to contact the organization if she or he need information, then thank the movement if it’s a purchase and finally put your signature, followed by your title in the business.

The order may change depending on the situation, if it’s a request of purchase of information try to put emphasis in the information or product that you want, but if it’s an answer be sure that the order is ready and never send the letter to early.

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