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Writing a Work Letter

Writing a Work Letter Description of Work Letter To get a new job a candidate has to go through several stages, starting with submitting his or her resume to the human resources managers of a company. But many times the job offer gets hundreds of applications and candidates must compete in order to get the job. That is why it is ... Sigue leyendo "Writing a Work Letter"

Writing a Layoff Letter

Writing a Layoff Letter Description of Layoff Letter The company leaders should take care of many things and make important decisions, among which is deciding about dismissing employees who have not done their job in a proper way, or for reasons of force majeure. Sometimes it is necessary to dismiss an employee and a superior must send him/her a layoff letter ... Sigue leyendo "Writing a Layoff Letter"

Writing a Business Reference Letter

Writing a Business Reference Letter Description of Business Reference Letter A business reference letter is a formal letter by which we recommend a company or institution. It can be written by other companies or individuals who had the experience to work with them or receive services from the company in question. What a business reference letter looks for is to extend trust ... Sigue leyendo "Writing a Business Reference Letter"