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Warranty Letter

Description of Warranty Letter Example of Warranty letters are very common. The purpose of this type of letters is to give us a guarantee about the product that we are buying. However, they have specific terms that have to be explained. For example, if you throw your new computer by mistake, you will have to ... Sigue leyendo "Warranty Letter"

Breach of Contract Letter

Description of Breach of Contract Letter When a person is hired to do a job, this person must do it according to certain rules, responsibilities and tasks. That is usually stipulated in a contract where important information is written. Example of Breach of Contract Letter - sample How to write? - Advice and Tips For example the work conditions, ... Sigue leyendo "Breach of Contract Letter"

Justification Letter

Description of Justification Letter Many times we may need to justify any fault that we have committed, an absence in a workshop, a task not completed in time, a call not made, etcetera. But also, usually within a company or institution for example, you should send a letter of justification in case of a future absence. Example ... Sigue leyendo "Justification Letter"

Layoff Letter

Description of Layoff Letter Sometimes, for economic or budget reasons, a company is needs to reduce staff. In these cases, the company must notify the employees that unfortunately must dismiss, in advance, according to the law that protects employees in each location. Example of Layoff Letter - sample How to write? - Advice and Tips When a layoff occurs ... Sigue leyendo "Layoff Letter"