Writing a Business Reference Letter

Description of Business Reference Letter

A business reference letter is a formal letter by which we recommend a company or institution.

It can be written by other companies or individuals who had the experience to work with them or receive services from the company in question. What a business reference letter looks for is to extend trust among new user or clients and promote services.


In order to write a letter to promote the services that a company provides you should follow some steps as indicated below:

1- Firts of al, start your letter by indicating why you are writing it. State your experience within the company and how you were related to it.

2- Express how satisfied you were with the services provided by the company. Write some good points about the company and their work.

3- If you are writing on behalf of a company recommending another one you have worked with in the past, explain that in the letter, specifying when, for how long and your professional experience.

4- Finally, end up you letter by making a formal recommendation and final salutation. Sign the letter. Write the date and possible ways of contacting you for a future interview or phone call if the addressee has any questions.

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