Business Letter

Description of Business Letter

A business letter is written with the purpose of treat just company issues. The business letters are standardized in the past years, taking the formal letter format to the business world. The next letter can help you to innovate and make your business letter with your own format.

Example of Business Letter

Business Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

To start and make a formal letter officially a business letter is very important add the official header of the company, this header is a standard that commonly use the name of the company, the full address information and the contact information, this last is often a telephone number.

Without including the header, because is a standard that need to be in all the business letters, the structure of the letter is composed by date in the right or left, depending on the standard format; full address of the recipient with position; greetings followed by the content; and the closure with the proper signature.

The content of the letter is divided in three parts:

First, the introduction where is explained the reason of writing, this help the readers to understand the context of the letter;

Second, the details of what you would like to accomplish, this part is very important because this is where the goals are explained to achieve;

Finally, the conclusion, this part is a “call to action” for the future, this is important to don’t let pass opportunities clarify every future issues and maintain future contact.

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